Got an idea for a mean greeting card? Submit it here.

Want to add a card idea you have so that other like-minded people can use it? Damn decent of you. Just add it to the comments on this page, and you might see it on the site!

We're alive. Live...we meant, live. Yeah.

This announcement may be premature, but we decided ‘what the hell,’ and pulled the trigger. There aren't many cards up at the moment, but we'll be adding them on a frequent basis until the site is choked with bitter and bile-filled sentiment. We can't wait...

Want a custom ecard made? Sure, we'll do that.

If none of our cards suit your needs exactly right, don't despair and hang yourself in your closet. We wouldn't want that on our conscience. Instead, just send us an email with a few details about what you're looking for and we'll do it up and add it to the site for other people to use too. See? You're giving. You're a giver.

Do you know Adobe Flash? Do you enjoy working for free?

We're looking for a Flash whiz to add a little zazz to our cards. We're looking for someone to take these ideas and give them timing and maybe some motion. Nothing serious, even just a template we could customize ourselves. Just enough ‘wow’ to make our ecards look more like those fancy greeting cards from those lame, big companies. (We can't pay you, cuz we're not making any money off the site. But we can promise you a heart-felt thanks and possibly global fame. You never know.)

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